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*WIKIPEDIA: Americana is an amalgam of roots musics made up of the shared and varied traditions in the American musical ethos; specifically those sounds that are merged from folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and other external influential styles. Americana is popularly referred to, especially in print, as Alternative Country.

"What virtuosity... we had the impression that there were several musicians on stage."

Robert Casanova

Emotional intensity meets spontaneous fun – Tony Lewis alone on stage with a collection of musical instruments sharing songs and stories. Americana*, delivered with the soul of a bluesman, and the intelligence of a jazzman.
California-born Lewis is essentially a musical story-teller.  True to life, his songs run the gamut of emotions: from elation at the blossoming of a love affair, to a soul-rending exploration of loss; from a raucous
up-tempo celebration of the dangers of overindulging in tequila, to a loving tale about an ex-prostitute from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

“I love performing solo in smaller venues, where you can make eye contact with the audience, where the sound of one voice and one acoustic guitar fill the hall, and where it’s all intimate enough to allow you to transmit the emotions of the songs directly into the hearts of the listeners”.

Songs performed exactly as written. Soulful. Raw. Unadorned. Naked.

Photo: Reto Heiz fotopix.ch